The Hounds

The Hounds

Foxhounds are pack animals and have been bred to hunt by scent. They have tremendous stamina and can easily cover over 60 miles in a good day! Some hounds can do this two or three times a week through the season, meaning they will run many thousands of miles each year.


Our hounds are fed on raw flesh which is collected from our farmers. On average we collect nearly 10 carcasses a day throughout the year – that is 3500 a year. And we are only one hunt! Different sorts of flesh are beneficial in different ways to the hounds. We feed only equine.

The leftovers and inedible parts of the animals are stored in skips and removed regularly, all in compliance with ever mounting DEFRA regulations. Regular upgrades and additional works are carried out to the flesh house which are inspected regularly by DEFRA officials.

Hound Types

There are 5 main types of Foxhound:

  • Old English
  • Modern English
  • Welsh
  • Fell
  • American

The OSBWK hounds are a mixture of Old and Modern English.

Each huntsman has his own preferred type of hound, and each type of hound has its own merits – for example the Welsh voice is said to be the best, the Old English the best for poor scenting. A lot is also down to the individual hound and any huntsman will be able to point out the good and not so good points of each hound.

Puppy Show

Every summer each pack holds its Puppy Show where the coming years entry are judged by visiting Masters and hunstmen. This day is a thank you from the Masters and huntsmen to all of the people who have walked puppies and is a big social event in the hunting year.

In addition to puppy shows there are a series of Hound Shows across the country, starting with the South of England Hound show at Ardingly. The ultimate accolade is to win at Peterborough in July – although all huntsmen will tell you that it is how the hound hunts more than how it looks that is the ultimate goal in breeding!