Prices & Subscriptions

Annual Subscriptions – Season 2017-2018

The Season starts on the 1st May each year, when subscriptions are due.

A Standing Order form is available for anyone wishing to spread the cost of paying for the season in monthly instalments, however the final instalment must be paid prior to the 1st April each year. This facility is interest free. Members are reminded that hunt subscriptions are non refundable and anyone who undertakes payment by this method will be expected to complete their commitment.

Attendance & Membership



Autumn hunting and full hunting any day.



Autumn hunting and full hunting. Does not include on-day £25 field money Autumn Hunting and £30 Full Hunting



This confers Autumn Hunting on any day at £25 Field Money & Hunting on any day at £70 Field Money



Right to vote at Hunt meetings and receive all Hunt literature. No hunting rights.

Payment to be made by Bank Transfer to 30-92-92 A/C 00196138

Additional Fee's

POINT-TO-POINT Contact Hon. Secretary
See MembersTerms (2)

NEWCOMERS – Anyone who has not hunted before may have 2 trial days at a cost of £30 per day. Contact Hon. secretary

FARMERS  Autumn Hunting £25 per day and Full Hunting £ 30 per day

Young Persons Attendance & Membership

Young Persons (18 - 24)


Any day Autumn Hunting & Hunting.
Age 18 to 24 does not include £25 Field Money Autumn Hunting and £30 Full Hunting


AGE 9 TO 17 Any day Autumn Hunting or Hunting £15 Field Money

Student Card holders will be exempt (apply to Hon. Secretary)

Parents of children who hunt more than three times a season are expected to be Members or subscribers.

Children are welcome at all meets but, apart from designated childrens’ meets, must be accompanied by a responsible riding adult who must remain with them throughout the day.

Pony Club children wishing to hunt for the first time must contact their Pony Club DC. Non Pony Club children should contact the Hunt Secretary or Mrs. Janet Stakemire (01732 862005) prior to the meet.

Please remember your field money or the relevant ticket must be handed to the Secretary at every meet. Before committing, please read and understand our membership terms.

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