Jorrocks Hunt Club

Jorrocks Hunt Club

The Jorrocks Hunt Club is the hunt supporters club aimed at raising funds for capital items for the Hunt and to provide a social focus through organised events.

The Jorrocks hunt club is a hunt supporters club which everyone, mounted or foot is very welcome to join.  It aims to raise funds throughout the year for capital items and continuing refurbishment of the hunt kennels.
The club arranges many fun social events throughout the year, which enable us to raise these much needed funds for the hunt.  As well as raising funds for the hunt, the Jorrocks Club also supports charity that are close to our hearts.  These include Air Ambulance, Hunt Staff Benefit Society and The Hospice in the Weald.

Jorrocks Membership Pricing 2018

Life Membership£200.00
Children U16£10.00

Included in your membership:

  • Information on forthcoming fundraising events via email
  • Free copy of our newsletter
  • Free copy of our Jorrocks Country Magazine
This year we would like to refurbish our hunt committee room at the Kennels, along with a few other much needed projects.
We very much appreciate everyone’s continued support in our Jorrocks club and look forward to seeing you at our next event.

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Last years key events

  • Start of season supper
  • Hunt Ball
  • Terrier Show
  • Hound show at Landhurst
  • Point to Point
  • Christmas Carols
  • Opening Meet
  • Race Night
  • Hound Sponsorship
  • Inter hunt scurry
  • Steve Belt Quiz night
  • Blow out in the barn
  • Horn Blowing night


Last years projects

This is where your membership money contributed towards:

  • Renovation of the mobile home at the Kennels
  • New ramp on the hound lorry
  • Fencing at the kennels
  • Quad bike purchase
  • Lorry/pick up truck purchase