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Jorrocks Hunt Club

The Jorrocks Hunt Club is the hunt supporters club. Its aims are to raise funds for capital items for the Hunt, and to provide a social focus through the events organised. As well as raising funds for the Hunt the club also supports charities that are close to our heart. These include Kent Air Ambulance, Hunt Staff Benefit Society and the Hospice in the Weald. Members receive a copy of the Hunt Card as well as notifications of social and fund raising events. Annual members receive a copy of the Jorrocks Country magazine included with their subscription.

Membership of the club is open to all bona fide supporters of the Hunt whether they follow on foot or on horseback. New members that are unknown to the Secretary will need to prove that their support for our sport is genuine. They may do this by getting an existing Jorrocks or Hunt member to propose them. If they are new in our country, the provision of a reference from a Master or officer of any other MFHA pack will be acceptable. Annual membership is only 20 per year and as well as receiving the Hunt Card members benefit from news and Hunt diary updates via email. Members may also get the opportunity to support our social and equestrian events by helping out at point to points, hunter trials, horse shows and our general entertainment events such as the Start of Season supper.

It should be made clear to newcomers that membership of Jorrocks does not confer mounted hunting rights. For this you need to take out a subscription to the Hunt.


Jorrocks in addition to raising money for the purchase of capital items for the Hunt also raises considerable sums for local charities such as St Catherine's Hospice and Kent Air Ambulance

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